East Broadway- Slowly emerging East Baltimore Neighborhood and Home to the Historic American Brewery

East Broadway’s development really started to take off in the 1870s with the construction of high-density, but low-scale two and three-story rowhouses until the 1930s Larger scale 3-story rowhouses are mostly evident along Broadway and Chase Avenues (western and southern edges, respectively). Historically, North Gay Street was the site of six breweries, which were established between 1853 and 1867. The American Brewery complex survives to document the lively brewery history of the area and was recently renovated. Though the area was historically middle-class, it has since the 1960s experienced significant economic depression, housing abandonment, and increased crime. The neighborhood was particular affected by the Baltimore riot of 1968 and in modern days was a filming location for The Wire e HBO series.

While much blight remains in East Broadway a strong stabilization and redevelopment initiative formed the TRF Development Partners (now Rebuild Metro) that has pumped millions into the neighborhood and stabilized and redeveloped hundreds of homes. The results of this initiative can be seen with a slowly emerging real estate market (newly renovated homes are now selling btwn 200K-300), and many well renovated apartment buildings. This is particularly evident along the western and southern edges of the neighborhood. With the momentum of this initiative and John Hopkins Hospital sitting less than 0.5 mile from the neighborhood’s southern borders, its only a matter of time before the neighborhood is fully stabilized. However, the revitalization of North Avenue, East Broadway’s historic commercial district, has seen very limited revitalization work. Retail and food & beverage business are very limited here.

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* Solid public transit access.
* Excellent connectivity with a consistent grid, lots of smaller alley streets, and diagonal Gay St cutting through the length of the neighborhood.
* Decent park amenities including the Collington Park (a nice medium size square), the Collington recreational center, and Eager Park.
* Good # of rentals but few 1-beds. 2-beds lease in the mid 1Ks to 2K. 3-beds lease btwn the low 1Ks to 2K. This is moderate prices but pretty expensive when the medium household income is 35K.
* Most of Broadway East’s Historic Rowhouses are more modest grander and better maintained 3 story rowhouses along Broadway Ave and Chase. In-fill starting to fill in along Chase as well.


* Good density.
* Sidewalks are consistent but in varies states of condition. Property ADA curb cuts exist on maybe 25% of intersections.
* Ok bike infrastructure with one dedicated bike lane running north to south along Broadway Way Ave. Limited dockless scooters and bikes.
* Limited diversity across all metrics. This is a majority African American neighborhood with large impoverished and working class demographic. Increasing higher incomes coming into the neighborhood and new and renovated homes and built along the southern edge near John Hopkins Hospital.
* Good # of walkable schools in the neighborhood and area but most are ranked poorly.
* Safety is still a big issue here coupled with very high vacancy rate.
* Tree canopy is so so.
* The for sale hsg market is generally pretty depressed but some signs of market activity along the western and southern edges. Really no 1-beds. 2 beds sell btwn 65K-225, 3 & 4 beds sell btwn 50K-300K.
* Poor cultural amenities limited to a handful of restaurants and bars, the Nat Great Blacks in Wax Museum.
* Retail amenities are also very limited to several corner stores, several churches, a couple salons & barber shops. and the John Hopkins Hospital complex is 0.5 mile- 1 mile away. Some retail amenities around the hospital as well.
* North Ave was historically the main biz district of the neighborhood. Lots of vacancy here and few stores remain but the urban form is mostly in tact.