City Park West- Located just West of Denver’s Premiere Urban Park

City Park West is name altered Denver’s City Park, which sits immediately east of the neighborhood. The Park was laid out in the late 19th century and largely followed City Beautiful Movement design values of the 1890s but also incorporated the flowing and casual design espoused in New York’s Central Park.

The City  Park West neighborhood is a mix of larger turn of the century single family homes, early to mid 20th century apartment buildings, and townhouse infill projects since the 2000s. The neighborhood excels at providing a comfortable mixed-use environment with convenient public transit and bike infrastructure and is a short distance to Downtown. The neighborhood is also one of Denver’s most economically diverse districts and also boasts great racial diversity.

Colfax Avenue is the biggest area of improvement as it is kinda seedy and rather autocentric in orientation still. There is also a need for more walkable schools, affordable housing, and better retail amenities including a supermarket.

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* Decent urban density.
* Good but not great ADA infrastructure as many curbs are missing modern ADA cuts.
* Good bike infrastructure including several bike lanes and couple dedicated bike stations.
* Solid public transit and convenient access to Dwtn among all modes.
* One of Denver’s most economically diverse district. All good racial diversity.
* Seems to be a fair amount of affordable hsg available here.
* City Park, Denver’s best urban park, sits on the eastern edge of the neighborhood. No other parks in the neighborhood although Chessman Park is only a couple blocks south.
* Great Tree Canopy.
* Solid architecture both historic and infill.
* Good cultural amenities including plenty of restaurants, bars & cafes, an indie film house, a couple live music venues, and a couple night clubs.
* Very mixed use with lots of food & beverage business spread throughout the district.


* Limited generational diversity as this is mostly filled with young adults.
* Several schools within City Park West are nearby but mixed ratings.
* Housing on the pricy side. Some more modestly priced condos available. 1-beds sell btwn 325K-1M, 2-beds 350K-1M, 3 & 4 beds btwn 425K to the mid 1 Ms.
* Decent # of rentals but also pretty pricy. Studios and 1-beds lease btwn the low 1Ks-2K, 2-beds btwn high 1Ks-3K, 3-beds 2K-4K.
* Generally a safe area. Some sketchy stretches along Colfax.
* Urban form is so  along Colfax Ave. Some crummy auto centric. modern infill here.
* Decent but not great retail amenities including a drug store, a couple boutiques & unique stores, a toystore, several banks, dessert joints & gyms, and  post office. Also a major hospital here and several churches.
* No supermarket within City Park West but plenty in surrounding neighborhoods.