Denver’s University Neighborhood- Home to Denver University and the Original Chipotle’s

The University neighborhood grew up alongside Denver University but is also know as  “DU” or the University neighborhood. The district was incorporated in 1886 as the town of South Denver as a way to restrict the creation of more saloons and roadhouses but was quickly annexed into the City of Denver in 1894. The campus is an interesting mix of modern and old architecture, with University Hall constructed in the 1890s. After World War II, enrollment spiked at DU thanks to the GI Bill.  A decent amount of the neighborhood was built in the 1920s & 1930s, especially the northern half. Most of the southern half was filled out by the 1960s thanks to the spike in the campus population and general Denver growth trajectory.  University’s other claim to fame is hosting the original Chipotle Mexican Grill.

From an urban perspective this is a comfortable semi-walkable district. The North half is the most walkable with its pre-WWII fabric and decent biz districts along University Blvd and Evans Ave. The southern half is newer and is often missing sidewalks. Thanks to the University there are a good # of apartments here including several large MF buildings along University Blvd. The DU also has solid public transit access, good cultural & retail amenities, a good tree canopy, and is a very safe area. For this to be a great neighborhood it needs more density and urban infill. I’d also like to see better bike infrastructure and retail amenities (esp. a public library and post office.)

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* Solid connectivity and good public transit access.
* While a bit far, University still boasts of good access to dwtn by driving or public transit. Still doable by bike.
* Solid economic and generational diversity.
* Ok number of walkable schools but all rated well.
* Very safe area.
* Decent # of apartments generally leasing in the low-mid 1Ks, 2-beds btwn the mid 1Ks and mid 2Ks, 3-beds mid 2Ks to 3K. This is pretty moderately priced for Denver.
* Good # of moderately condos and wide range of prices. 1-bed selling btwn 250K-600K with condos being cheaper. 2-beds btwn 300K-800K, 3 & 4 beds btwn 450K- the mid-1Ms.
* Great tree canopy.
* Solid cultural amenities including a good array of Food  & Beverage businesses, an Art Gallery & Anthropology Museum, a live music venue, and the Performing Arts offered by University of Denver.
* Good retail amenities as well including a supermarket, drug store, several banks, a couple clothing/boutique stores, several dessert joints, many churches and a major hospital.


* Ok density.
* So  bike infrastructure.
* Racial diversity is pretty lacking but still some thanks to the University.
* So so sidewalk and ADA infrastructure. Its good until the southern 1/3 of the neighborhood were sidewalks are either missing are narrow right along the street.
* Decent pedestrian activity in and around the university but limited outside of it.
* So so park access including DeBoer Park, a recreation trail, and the quad space in University of Denver. The expansive Harvard Gulch Park is located in nearby Rosedale neighborhood.
* Historic architecture is so so.
* Modern in-fill is a mixed bag. Some good MF apartment buildings along University Blvd and good SF in-fill but also lots of suburban style ranches and auto centric commercial.
* No public library of post office in University.
* Urban form is hit or miss along University Blvd & Evans Ave.