Old Colorado City- Colorado Springs’ original settlement

This evaluation includes both Old Colorado City and the small district between Old Colorado City and Dwtn. I used 31st as the western border, Cimmarron as the southern, Uintah St as the northern, and 142 as the eastern.

Old Colorado City, formerly Colorado City, was once an independent town, but is now a neighborhood within the City. It was founded during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush of 1859 and was involved in the mining industry, both as a supply hub and as a gold ore processing center beginning in the 1890s. Residents of Colorado City generally worked at the 50 coal mines in the area. It was briefly the capital of the Colorado Territory.  Its beginnings were certainly a rough and tumble place hosting many saloons and brothels. But in time local regulations curbed the worst of these vices.

Most of the historic structures of Old Colorado City have been preserved thanks to a Historic Preservation ordinance in 1982. Further east on Colorado Ave. the business district is more mixed-use but retains decent urban form. The residential areas are historic but mostly single family. Some new apartment buildings are being built in the near West Side district. With a density of 3,500 per sq mile, Old Colorado City could certainly use more density. It also lacks racial diversity, and quality public transit. A good number of schools exist but with mixed ratings. 

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* Convenient access to Dwtn across all modes, although public transit is a bit wanting.
* Several convenient bike lanes feed into Dwtn.
* Great economic diversity and solid generational diversity.
* Decent # of apts. Some 1-beds. Generally rent in the low 1Ks. Plenty of 2-beds, which rent btwn the low 1Ks-2K, 3-beds lease around 2K.
* Pretty good for-sale diversity but a bit on the pricy side.: 1-beds sell anywhere btwn 250k-650K, 2-beds btwn 300K-750K, 3 & 4 beds btwn 350K-850K. No condos here.
* Good # of parks and well disbursed. Also an nice recreational path along Fountain Creek.
* Great cultural amenities including many bars, restaurants, cafes, and breweries. Also several art galleries, 2 community theaters, several small museums/historic sites, and a couple live music and night club venues.
* Overall a pretty safe community.
* Solid historic architecture especially along Colorado Ave in the core of “Old Colorado City”. Some new mixed-use infill springing up that’s decent.
* Good retail amenities including a couple grocery & drug stores, lots of boutiques & gift stores, and unique stores esp. in Old Colorado City; several banks, a couple bakeries & gyms,  a local book store and library, several churches. and a book store.


* Density is low, more akin to a suburb.
* Bike share doesn’t extend out to the West Side
* Mediocre transit access. Pretty limited considering the close proximity to Dwtn.
* Racial diversity is pretty limited but not terrible… 15% minor population with a decent sized Hispanic population.
* Decent # of schools but mixed-ratings and all K-8.
* Good vibrancy along Colorado Ave in Old Colorado City, but the rest of the neighborhood is pretty dead.