Historic Annapolis

I generally used the block groups as boundaries but feel like Cathedral street is the appropriate western boundary between Historic Annapolis and Murray Hill. I also used Washington Street as the NW boundary. The Naval Academy Forms the Eastern Boundary. St. John’s College included. The Civil war era is general the cut off as to what I included in Historic Annapolis. 

Historic Annapolis contains a great stock of late 18th and early 19th century Georgian architecture.  But many other great attractions including the Maryland statehouse, a wonderful main street, historic market square, the Naval Academy, and lots of great cultural amenities. Obviously this is a not your typical urban neighborhood as it hosts the statehouse and is a major tourist attraction. But there are a fair amount of locals that create enough urban authenticity to make this an interesting environment. 
Click here to view the full Historic Annapolis Album on Flickr


* Gorgeous Georgian architecture. Some of the best in the country.
* Walkable access to many State jobs.
* Great walkable and mixed-use fabric. Main Street/Market Place hosts an incredible main street. Good urban commercial also along Dock St. and Maryland Ave.
* Ok racial diversity but lots of family households in Historic Annapolis.
* Culturally several community theaters, tons of restaurants and bars (many of them host live music), a plethora of museums and historic museums, and the cultural activities of both the Naval Academy and St. John’s College.
* Neighborhood retail includes tons of diverse independently owned shops including several book stores, craft clothing stores, antique stores, and more traditional amenities like a post office, rid aid, library.
* Generally comfortable sidewalks, but the brick makes it harder for those with disabilities. 


* Limited dedicated bike lanes. A bike share program was active for 2 years but was shut down due to Covid.
* For Sale housing is very expensive. Small 2 bedrooms start at around 450K. Most homes are selling near or above 1 Million (albeit large homes).
* Rentals also expensive but a bit more affordable. 1-bedrooms start in the low $1,000s and 2-bedrooms generally in the $2,000s.
* Park space is limited to the Statehouse lawn and St. John College quad, and a small board walk. Not bad, but still pretty underwhelming for such a quality urban district.
* No supermarkets nor larger retail stores.
* Really not modern in-fill but for historic lovers this isn’t a huge deal.
* Density not great, but makes sense given this highly touristy nature of the district. 

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