Harrison West, a charming village like neighborhood in Columbus, OH

Harrison West is the more sleepy version of its neighborhood Victorian Village. The district has good access to downtown, a modest commercial district with several good restaurants/bars, quality parks, good historic architecture and a great infill project called Harrison Park.
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* Good density at over 10K per sq mile
*Great access to downtown, decent bike lanes and transit lines
* Decent late 19th century wood and brick Architecture. Harrison Park redevelopment in-fill project, is also high quality.
* Vermont Park is a great asset (Blvd. park lined with beautiful historic homes).
* Good access to park space (i.e. Harrison Park, Harrison West Park, and Wheeler Memorial Park


* Commercial District on 3rd still lacks many neighborhood services
Could be built up more.
* What remains of the historic stock is very nice but much of the neighborhood was rebuilt in the 90s with mediocre historic in-fill
* Redevelopment efforts in the southern end of the neighborhood 

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