Ligonier, PA where the Pittsburgh Elite Summered.

Ligonier was settled in the 1760s and was the site of  Fort Ligonier, involved in the French and Indian War. The town sputtered in the mid 1800s until it was connected to the Ligonier Valley Railroad in 1877. This enabled lumber, coal, and quarried stone to be transported out of the Ligonier Valley and linked it to Pittsburgh. Thus Ligonier also became a summer resort town. The surrounding countryside became strongly associated with the Mellon banking family.

From an urban perspective Ligonier has a vibrant heart with many restaurants, bars and cultural amenities. It also has great historic architecture and quality parks and recreational amenities. The biggest urban downside for Ligonier is its low density, lack of biking infrastructure, limited rental supply, and suburban schools (none are located within the borough boundaries). While there is great economic diversity where townees and retirees mix, very little racial diversity here.
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* Great historic architecture throughout.
* ADA and sidewalk infrastructure generally good. Residential streets on the north edges are newer and feel more like the country and therefore are often missing sidewalks. Dwtn has up to date ADA ramps.
* Excellent economic diversity here where wealthy retirees and local mingle. Also many family households but high median age due to retirees.
* Nice array of price points with homes ranging from 70K to the high 300s.
* Highly attractive core business district surrounding “The Diamond”.
* Good park amenities including the mult-faceted Friendship Park, Mellon Park, a YMCA, and of course the Ligonier Diamond Roundabout.
* Great cultural amenities including many restaurants, cafes, & bars, several local museums, art galleries,  and a local cinema.
* Good neighborhood amenities as well including a ton of boutiques and creative local stores, a pharmacy, supermarket, banks, a local library & post office, and a bookstore.
* Very safe community.
* Well rated schools but all are located just outside of the Ligonier boundaries.


* Poor Density
* Poor access to any major jobs centers as Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland are 1 hour away by car and public transit access is very poor.
* No biking infrastructure.
* Terrible racial diversity. 98% White.
* Rentals are very limited here. 

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