Webster Station- Dayton’s historic warehouse district

Webster Station historically was a warehousing/manufacturing district with some housing and apartment buildings. Now the district has been transformed into one of Dayton’s best nightlife and residential loft districts anchored by the Dayton Dragons minor league ballpark. Webster Station also hosts Dayton’s only remaining public market.

The future is bright for Webster Station as many new apartments and condo buildings are in the works. Still lots of surface parking lots and blight to remove so hopefully new development is quality urban infill. 
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* Some very nice warehouse architecture but also a lot of really gritty buildings too.
* Located just east of Dwtn, Webster station has excellent job access. One can easily walk, bike, or take a short bus ride to Dwtn.
* Good biking infrastructure including access to two waterfront bike trails and several dedicated bike stations.
* Not good numbers on from City Data on Webster station so difficult to determine its demographics.
* Decent park amenities with convenient access Riverspace park. Dwtn’s plaza spaces are mostly within a 10 minute walk.
* Cultural amenities include a nice range of food & beverage businesses, several nightclubs, a minor league ballpark and convenient access to all the cultural amenities of Dwtn.
* Retail amenities include the Dayton Public Market (hosts a nice mix of restaurants, food vendors, and hand crafted goods), a couple furniture stores and appliance stores, a couple banks, a fitness center, a florist, and several salons.
* Plenty of grit here but pretty safe area. 


* Very low density but this is getting better as lots of new development comes.
* Rentals are a bit limited and generally lease for around $1,000s.
* Decent mix of condo product. Limited 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms selling btwn 200K to the high 300s, and 3-bedrooms in the 300Ks & 400Ks.
* Tree canopy good in spots but overall not great.
* Lots of industrial and surface parking lot remain but get urban form when there are buildings.
* No schools within Webster Station but several quality ones in surrounding districts.

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