Youngtown’s Wick Park- Historic Home to Youngstown’s Elite

Wick Park is bordered by Belmont Ave to the west, Andrews to the east, Fairgreen to the north, and route 422  to the south.

Wick Park during the first half of the 20th century included some of the city’s most affluent residents. Youngstown’s wealthiest business leaders and professionals migrated here away from downtown and the noisy activity of the City’s steel mills to this wooded  neighborhood areas near the city’s northern border. The largest homes historically lined Wick Park, Elm & Wick Avenues. Many of these homes have been torn down or are occupied by YSU and other institutional. But some remain as single family residential, especially surrounding Wick Park. 

The neighborhood’s other great assets include its convenient access to YSU/Downtown and Wick Park itself, an expansive and multi-functional park. Still lots of blight remain in the neighborhood including several blocks of urban prairie east of Wick Ave. My hope is that given its location and historic architecture, civic leaders will focus on revitalizing the neighborhood.  There is a nice but modest commercial node at Elm Street and Baldin where this could start along with stabilizing streets surrounding the park. 
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* Generally good sidewalk and ADA infrastructure. Not as good on streets with few houses.
* Very convenient access to Dwtn. Only a 6 minute drive and 1.5 miles away. YSU is a good job hub as well and only 5 minutes away.
* Good connectivity and street ride in Wick Park.
* Decent racial diversity. Family households is also high, generally around 50%.
* Wick park is an expansive central located park in the neighborhood provide lost of green space, playgrounds, tennis court, golf disco course, tennis courts, a modest recreational center, and woods.
* Great tree canopy. 
* Decent school access with the neighborhood hosting a Catholic High School. College Prep HS located nearby at YSU’s campus and an elementary school about a mile north. 


* Transit Service isn’t great. No Bike Infrastructure either.
* High poverty here but some income diversity.
* Housing market is very depressed. Rentals of all sized seem to rent around $600. Most in shape homes sell for 50K. Not sure what top of the market might be for one of the large mansions in the neighborhood. Guessing its just sky of 100K.
* Nice cluster of retail amenities at Elm and Baldwin (i.e. coffeehouse, food-coop, florist, a Kitchen incubator, and a diner. Large hospital along Belmont.
* Cultural amenities are also limited but residents have convenient access to YSU performing arts and performances at the Stambaugh Auditorium.
* Neighborhood doesn’t feel unsafe but plenty of blight. Urban prairie in the eastern portion of the neighborhood east of Wick Ave. 

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