Belmont- A quality inner ring neighborhood in Charlotte North Carolina

Belmont is a typical Charlotte medium density neighborhood built up built between the 1910s-1930s. It appears the neighborhood experienced some blighted after the 60s but gentrified significantly over the past couple of decades. Quality urban attributes include convenient access to dwtn, good public transit, great ADA infrastructure, and good parks and recreational amenities.

Important areas to improve before Belmont becomes a great urban district include significantly more density, creation of a cohesive urban business district helping to create a better sense of place, and more affordable housing.
Click here to view my Belmont neighborhood on Flickr


* Very convenient access to Dwtn (only 1.5-2 miles) across all modes. Bike infrastructure includes several dedicated bike lanes and one bike sharing station.
* Some sidewalks missing but overall excellent ADA infrastructure and curb cuts.
* Great racial, economic, and generational diversity. 
 For Sale hsg is generally expensive but good diversity. Some smaller unrenovated options selling in the 200Ks & 300Ks. Most homes selling between 300K-500K. Larger, luxurious product selling between 500K-800K. Mix of SF home, condos, and townhomes.
* Great tree canopy.
* Lots of great park amenities along Little Sugar Creak including a lengthy bike trail, sports fields, open space, and a public pool.


* Due to its low density and lack of a cohesive commercial district, vibrancy is lacking here.
* Rental options are generally expensive but very limited.
* Cultural amenities are limited to a several restaurants & bars, a couple cafés & breweries. But surrounding neighborhoods have good amenities.
* Neighborhood retails are also pretty limited to a couple boutiques, Good cluster of retail amenities nearby in Commonwealth.
* Historically a pretty high crime area, now closer to the national average.
* Only a couple middle schools located within the neighborhood and convenient access to other schools in adjacent districts.
* Imageability is not great with not definitively urban biz district and pretty spreadout housing.

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