Nob Hill- San Fran’s Historic Wealthy Enclave

Nob Hill  has always been knowns as a home for the wealthy due to its central position and outstanding views. Before the fire of 1906 it was lined with numerous mansions. After the fire these mansions where replaced with high end hotels and flats. Nob Hill is among the highest-income neighborhoods in the United States. Surprisingly Nob Hill (especially when one includes Lower Nob Hill) is one of the City’s most diverse economic districts with a poverty rate that hovers around 10%. This is largely due to the fact that 78% of all housing units are rent controlled.

Other areas of strength for Nob Hill include its high density and mixed-use development, great cultural amenities, host of San Fran’s best concentration of department stores (surrounding Union Square), quality public transit, and great access to Downtown and many other great districts. Areas for Nob Hill to improve include more dedicated bike lanes, more family households, better tree canopy, and cleaning up some sketchy spots bordering the Tenderloin District.

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* One of San Franc’s densest districts. Lower Nob Hill is the most dense part of the neighborhood.
* Very convenient to Dwtn San Fran complemented with excellent public transit access.
* Excellent Racial and economic diversity.
* Medium rent is around $1,600 below the City average. 78% of all units are rent controlled.
* Nice mix of private and public schools all rated above average.
* Cultural amenities include several great theaters around Union Square, a movie theater, tons of art galleries, restaurants, bars & cafes, several night clubs & live music venues, a handful of local museums but only about 1 mile to all the cultural amenities in Dwtn.  
* Neighborhood amenities include a Trader Joe’s, tons of small grocerias, several drug stores, a plethora of department stores & brand name retail surrounding Union Square, a hardware store, home goods stores, plenty of boutique stores & gyms, several book stores, dessert shops, a local post office, St. Francis Hospital, and plenty of churches.
* Great mixed use development throughout.


*Bike infrastructure a bit underwhelming. Only one dedicated north-side route along Polk with bike station concentrated along the arterials.
* Generational diversity is fair. Roughly 22% of all households are families.
* For sale housing is certainly expensive but unlike most San Fran districts some studios & 1-bedrooms sell around 500K/700K. Most 1-bedrooms sell btwn 700K and the low 1 Ms, 2-bedrooms generally 1-2 M, 3-bedrooms Low 1 Ms to low 3 Ms but plenty sell for more. 4 beds generally sell in the 2 & 3 Ms.
* Studios start in the high $1,000s, 1-bedroom rentals lease generally in the$2,000s, 2-bedrooms 3-5K. 3 bedrooms in the high 2ks to 4K. Some rents above 4K for larger units.
* Several nice squares (e.g. Union Square), playgrounds and a rec center, but much less greenspace than most San Fran districts.
* Generally Nob Hill is pretty safe but gets a bit sketchy in Lower Nob Hill which borders the Tenderloin District.
* For such a dense area the Tree canopy is good but much less than most San Fran districts.

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