Sailboat Bend- an decent urban district just west of Downtown Ft. Lauderdale

Sailboat bend is a decent urban district just west of Downtown. Much of the pre-WWII housing is still in place here including some of the City’s oldest housing along Nugent Street. The eastern edge of Sailboat Bend feels more Downtown in character and hosts a food and beverage night life district along 2nd Street and several museums and performing arts theaters nearby. 2nd Avenue, however, has very limited non-food and beverage retail. The other business district along Broward Blvd is very auto centric. Most of the residential streets further west are line with heavy tree canopy and a mix of comfortable single family homes and small apartments and townhouses. Many residential streets, however, lack sidewalks and ADA compliant curbs. But due to its location next to Dwtn there is good public transit here and decent walkability in Sailboat Bend.

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* Great access to Dwtn with good public transit access.
* Decent bike access with one dedicated bike station and a dedicate bike lane on Broward St.
* Excellent economic diversity and decent racial diversity. Generational diversity somewhat lacking.
* Very safe community.
* Pretty good diverse for sale price points. Decent # of 1-bed condos selling btwn 200K-400K, 2-beds sell btwn 275K-700K, 3 & 4 beds sell btwn 350K-900K.
* Cultural amenities include many restaurants and bars, several cafes, several museums, a major performing arts center, a couple live music theaters, and several historic houses. Most cultural amenities are concentrated on the eastern edge near dwtn. The neighborhood also has convenient access to Dwtn amenities.
* Decent architecture. Some good historic homes throughout and quality urban in-fill along the eastern edge. Broward Blvd is a very auto centric biz district.


* Many residents streets are without sidewalks. Those with sidewalks generally have ADA infrastructure.
* Park space is a bit limited. Esplanade Park is a nice waterfront park connected to a bike lane. A couple other pocket parked in the neighborhood.
* Rentals are pretty limited and expensive. 1-beds lease anywhere from the upper 1Ks to the 2Ks, 2-beds 2K-3Ks, 3-beds are even more expensive but also very limited.
* Non-food and beverage retail amenities are pretty limited in Sailboat. There is a drug store, a couple boutiques and pretty good access to dwtn amenities like a post office, public library, banks, and other shops. But that’s really only convenient to residents living in the eastern edge of Sailboat Bend.

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