Downtown Boulder, CO

Downtown Boulder is built around its very vibrant pedestrian main street (Pearl Street) that cuts east to west through the heart of the Downtown area. The Pearl Street Pedestrian Street is one of America’s best. Generally good urban form surrounds Pearl Street.

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* Arguably the best pedestrian street in America along Pearl Street
* Tons of shops and food & beverage businesses along Pearl Street.
* Generally quality urban in-fill. Boulder started building quality urban in-fil in the 80s, way ahead of most urban areas in America.
* Good array of historic architecture.
* Spruce Street is a decent secondary dwtn main street.
* Wonderful urban park and recreational  at the southern border of Downtown along Boulder Creek. Very thoughtful layout and design.
* The western edge of Downtown is the attractive West End Historic District. Pearl street continues here as a nice villagy biz district.
* Surface parking lots are limited.


* Walnut Street has decent urban form but feels very corporate, cold, and pretty lifeless.
* Limited taller buildings and skyline. Dwtn footprint is rather small.
* Core of Dwtn isn’t very dense with population.

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