Colorado Springs, CO- Old North End

For this evaluation I used the stream/bike trail as the northern border, Wahsatch Ave as the eastern, Monument Creek as the western, and Dwtn (Unitah) as the southern border.

Old North End was developed for middle and upper-class people in the late-nineteenth century. Much of this architecture is preserved in a historic district characterized by Spanish Colonial Revival, Georgian Revival, and Mission architecture styles. The bulk of the neighborhood’s growth came between 1890 and 1910 largely due to the success of the gold mines in Cripple Creek and Victor and resulting industry in Colorado Springs.

From an urban perspective Old North End is a pleasant semi-walkable residential community with well shaded streets, great park and trail access, plenty of bike lanes, and convenient access to Dwtn. But due to a low-population density there is no cohesive business district and mixed-use development is largely elusive. Public transit also isn’t great here and walkable school options are limited. Along with densifying the district, I would also like to see a better infusion of diverse and affordable housing options.

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* Very convenient access to Dwtn.
* Good bike infrastructure with several dedicated lanes and a handful of bike share stations. This includes 2 recreational trails.
* Solid diversity all around- especially economic and generational.
* Good park space including the extensive Monument Valley park running along North End western edge. There is also Shooks Run trail and Bonforte Park.
* Very safe community. Limited blight as well.
* Sidewalk infrastructure is great. ADA infrastructure is generally good; often curb cuts missing at alleyway crossings.
* As there is no business district limited spots with a sense of place or landmarks in Old North End.
* Quality historic homes.


* Density is pretty low but better than other parts of Colorado Springs.
* Public transit isn’t great.
* Cultural amenities within Old North End are limited to really only a couple cafes and restaurants, but good access to the performing arts at Colorado College living on its southern border and the many amenities in Dwtn located 1-2 miles away.
* Similar situation with retail amenities, only a dentist, a couple of churches, a Safeway supermarket, major hospital drug store, hardware store, a couple of salons, UPS store, and a couple of banks. But good retail amenities dwtn.
* Schools are limited to a Catholic HS and well rated public elementary schools. Schools in adjacent neighborhoods are generally to far to walk to.
* Apts are pretty limited. A handful of 1 beds leasing around 1.5K. Some 2-beds leasing in the high 1Ks, and a few 3-bed homes leasing anywhere btwn 1.8K to 3K.
* For-sale are pretty expensive. Only a handful of one-beds that start at 350K, 2-beds btwn 400K-750K, wide arrange of  3 & 4 beds selling anywhere btwn 400K-1.5M. No condos here. No sign of affordable hsg here.
* In fill is very limited and what does exist is general auto centric.
* Pedestrian activity is limited.

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