Country Club- One of Denver’s Most Exclusive Historic Neighborhoods

Country Club is a mostly residential neighborhood developed  between around 1900-1940s. The district hosts some of the best historic mansions in Denver and is a very high-end enclave of the City. The district also has convenient access to Dwtn and the mixed-use Cherry Creek district to its east. It excels as a very safe community, great tree canopy, solid bike infrastructure and public transit access and wonderful set of tree lined boulevards.

But Country Club does lack a lot of important urban features including a decent urban biz district, good density, plentiful walkable schools, diverse and affordable housing, and quality park amenities. I’d certainly love to see more mixed-use development and density here. Just not sure if the current zoning permits it.

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* Decent public transit access but still good access to Dwtn.
* solid bike infrastructure including a couple dedicated bike lanes and decent access to bike rentals.
* Great generational diversity as many families with kids live here.
* Good sidewalk and solid ADA infrastructure but about 1/2 curb cuts are not up to modern standards.
* Very safe community.
* Excellent Tree Canopy.
* Wonderful set of tree line boulevards.
* Excellent Historic homes here, many of them mansion.


* Below average density for an urban area.
* Poor racial and very poor economic diversity. Generally a very white and affluent district.
* Several well rated schools in and around Country Club but too few too be considered a major walkable asset for Country Club.
* Rentals are very limited here and pricey, which helps explain the limited  income diversity.
* For sale options are expensive and limited. Really no 1-bedroom options. 2-beds range btwn 500K-1M. 3 & 4 beds btwn 500K-3M +
* Okay park amenities including little Cheesman park, the expansive Cheesman Park just north, and the private Denver Country Club. Also Alamo Placita Park a couple places west.
* Okay cultural amenities including a handful of restaurants, bars & cafes, a indie theater. Country Club is adjacent to the many cultural & retail amenities of Cherry Park to its east.
* Slightly better retail amenities including 2 supermarkets, a couple drug stores, a couple boutiques & home good stores, a couple banks, and a couple churches. The cherry Creek Shopping Center and lots of other retail amenities sit just east of the district..
* Not much newer in fill but what does exist is generally decent.

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