Milwaukee’s Upper East Side- Attractive early 20th Century District that hosts the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Business District

This early 20th century leafy neighborhood contains great green spaces like Riverside Park, with its Urban Ecology Center, and Lake Park. It also sits just south of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee giving its commercial district along Downer Avenue a very strong college vibe with lots of ethnic restaurants and sub shops. The Upper East Side also boasts of great public transit and bike access, convenience to Downtown, great economic diversity as there are many affordable 3 & 4 bedroom rentals, and gorgeous historic homes especially near Lake park and along New berry Blvd.

What Upper East Side lacks the most are 1 & 2 bedroom rentals and condos. This is something that the nearby neighborhoods of Lower East Side and Murray Hill have in abundance.  There is also limited racial and generational diversity, few quality walkable schools, and so so retail amenities.

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* Decent urban density.
* Great public transit and bike access. Very convenient access to Dwtn.
* Top notch connectivity.
* Great economic diversity
* Very good sidewalk and ADA infrastructure. About 1/3 of curb buts are not up to modern standards.
* Excellent Tree canopy.
* Great access to park space sitting between the expansive Lake and Riverside Parks.
* Good access to cultural amenities including a good # of food & beverage Bizs, a couple live music venues, the many cultural activities at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and convenient access to Murray Hills Downer Ave Biz District.
* Overall a very safe community.
* Great historic homes, especially near Lake Park and along Newberry Blvd.


* So so racial and generational diversity. Tons of colleges students here but also a good amount of family households with/ kids.
* Only a handful of schools in the area and generally not rated well.
* Some housing diversity but very few 1-beds for sale and some 2-beds. 2-beds sale for btwn 300K-500K, 3 & 4 beds btwn 250K-850K; good amount of this larger hsg sell around 300K.
* Very limited 1 & 2 beds for lease. 2-beds sell in the low 1Ks. Decent amount of 3-beds leasing btwn 1.3K-2K. 4-beds lease for around 2K and a decent amount of it.
* Decent retail amenities including a drug store, a couple retail stores, a print shop, lots of salons & barber shops, several churches. Supermarket and hardware stores are located a couple blocks south along Downer. The Upper East Side Biz District along Oakland is very couple focused, which limits store options.
* Urban in fill is very limited. But not much auto centric development.

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